Studying Scripture: Learning Project

I remember going to church with my mother, stepfather, and sometimes my grandparents from a very young age. It was just part of our family life. At the age of 7 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and asked him to live in my heart and guide me for the rest of my days. Over the years, like many people with a strong religious or spiritual conviction, I have wavered off and on, going through intermittent spurts, if you will, of attending church and spending time studying scripture and then becoming lax. Fortunately, through some extremely trying circumstances in my recent past, I found my way back to the Lord once again, but am admittedly “young” in my knowledge of scripture and in my ability to use God’s word to guide me through this journey known as life.

As a person, I believe that delving into the word of God will not only bring me to a place of peace and understanding but will also serve as a means for God to communicate with me. The Holy Bible is so full of information for both newly blooming Christians and veteran believers as well. It is through this amazing work of literature that we can find guidance on a myriad of topics and issues. As a student, I feel that spending time learning the scripture all over again will not only help me to stay balanced but will also impress further upon me how to be a good citizen. There is much to be gained from the Bible as a learner, also. For instance, Jesus uses parables to teach his followers in the New Testament. This can be used to aid in many platforms, including teaching AND learning. As a future teacher, I believe that I can use Jesus’s technique to teach my students. He would give His followers a story to mentally illustrate a point to them. Elementary aged students, especially can learn quickly in this manner.

If I had the freedom to learn anything, I think I would travel the world and absorb as much information as possible about different cultures, languages, and religions around the world. Anthropology and sociology have always sparked my interest but my first inclination is to study scripture because without God’s word, I would be lost in this world. I feel that if I devote twenty to thirty minutes each day to read and reflect on scripture, I will have made excellent use of my time on this learning project and will thoroughly enjoy rekindling that connection with my higher power. WIN_20160829_21_47_26_Pro.jpgWIN_20160829_21_47_07_Pro.jpg






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  1. This was a very well-written post and it made me so happy! As a fellow Christian, I think it’s wonderful that God has led you back to Him. You said a trying circumstance brought you back, and although it was difficult it is an awesome reminder that God is sovereign and He works all things for His glory. I am also going to be doing my passion learning on the bible. I’m going to do an in depth study of Romans. I’ve only been saved for four years, but I am blessed with an extremely knowledgeable pastor in my hometown who focuses on accurate, verse by verse studying. As a result I still have a TON to learn from the bible, but I have more skills now than I’ve ever had to dig in and get the truth. Hopefully we can learn from each other’s posts!

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  2. I think that it is so awesome that you picked your independent project to devote your time to God! I grew up in a Christian home myself and accepted Jesus into my heart when I was four years old. However, I did not know what it truly meant to be a follower and servant to Christ until I was about 18. This past summer I have devoted time to God to read his word everyday and I can say that I have learned more about myself and about my walk than I could ever imagine! Not only that but each day I hunger for his word even more! I think this is a great project to learn about!! My grandma always told me to start in Matthew and read each book until Revelations then start back over in the New Testament. She always told me to do this because the Old Testament is so hard to understand in some places, but it is still so important to know! I am excited to hear what you learn! Keep the faith and live your life for Christ!:)

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  3. I’m so glad you’ve found something very meaningful to devote your ILP time to, this semester. I would have LOVED to have a college course give me hours and hours every week to devote to anything I wanted to while exploring digital literacy options to express my learning and growth. 🙂


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