Week 4

On Tuesday of this week, I spent 4 hours in the Resource 1 classroom, however, I did leave the classroom during the teacher’s down time and spent time in the 2nd grade classes. I walked around and helped the students with their math lessons online using IXL. In the resource room I assisted the 4th grade students with their reading comprehension and vocabulary. Then I assisted the 1st grade students with measurements.

On Wednesday, in the Resource 3 classroom I helped the students with handwriting without tears and then with work stations. We went out for recess and then back in to work on reading. The teacher used the SmartBoard to read the students a story about maps. The students then were asked to use a special pointer to answer comprehension and vocabulary questions.

On Thursday, I spent another 4 hours in the Resource 1 classroom where I was asked to read test questions to the 2nd and 1st grade students. The 3rd grade students also had to take summative assessments which I helped to read questions from.

Friday was my last day of observing at both schools and I am sad to leave the students. I have decided to go back to Resource 3 and volunteer when I have the spare time. I went to adaptive p.e. with the students at 8:00 and walked the gym with them as well as played a game with bouncy balls. The students then went back to the classroom to have breakfast and I assisted them with this. The students are asked to tell the teacher and paras what they would like for breakfast either using words or sign language or in some cases, with a sound board. After breakfast, we sat around the SmartBoard to watch videos about the weather, colors, and animals. We sang songs using sign language. Next, I helped the students outside for recess. One of the students was having behavioral problems on this particular morning but eventually settled into the routine. All in all, I had a great experience at both schools.




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