Week 3

On Tuesday, February 21, I spent 4 hours in the resource 1 classroom again. I helped some of the students complete math assignments as well as read questions to one of the students that were on his math summative. Later that afternoon, I guided 4th grade students in reading a segment in their reading texts and then guided them in answering questions about vocabulary and comprehension. I have noticed that the teacher does take a very firm stance with the students but does so in a caring manner. She is very organized as far as her classroom setting and lesson plans go.

On Wednesday, February 22, I spent 3 hours in the resource 3 classroom. Several of the children seemed to be having a rough time that day. There were several outbursts and one of the struggling students was sent home due to having a fever. I helped a few of the children at different stations and work areas in the classroom. One student in particular was tasked with taking letters and arranging them in the appropriate order to spell his first name. The teacher and paras in this classroom all have great rapport with the students. Many of these students do not trust strangers, which has been evident to me from the beginning.

On Thursday, February 23, I spent another 4 hours in the resource 1 classroom. The students seem to be more comfortable around me now and are more receptive to my help on assignments and assessments. I assisted 4th grade with comprehension on this day and also with 2nd and 1st  grade students on their math assignments. One of the students was sent out into the hall for a timeout with a timer due to not following directions and talking back to the teacher. The student was allowed back into the classroom but then got sent back to her home classroom due to bad attitude.



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