Week 2

On Tuesday  (2/14/17) I spent almost 4 hours in the Resource 1 classroom again. The teacher was gone for CIPT meetings so I worked with the substitute. I spent most of this time assisting the 4th grade students with reading comprehension and vocabulary.

On Wednesday (2/15/17) I was in the Resource 3 classroom. I went with the students to the city Recreation Center to swim. I helped 3 or 4 of the students practice swimming and water safety. We also tossed small bean bags around in the pool which helps the children with manual dexterity and coordination. We then returned to the classroom and the students watched music videos.

On Thursday (2/16/17) in the Resource 1 classroom I helped a 3rd grade student with a math review. Then I worked with 2nd grade students on collecting and recording data and using that data to make a bar graph. Next, I helped 1st grade students with addition fact families.

Today (2/18/17) I joined the Resource 3 classroom at 8:00 for adaptive p.e. where we walked around the gym for 4 or 5 laps and then played a game with kickball. Next we returned to the Resource room where I helped the studentsame with breakfast. We worked on centers next. I assisted 2 autistic students with forming sentences then I helped another student to write his name and to match letters of the alphabet.


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