Day 2 In Resource 3

My second day in the resource 3 classroom was a lot of fun. Although there were several students out due to illness, I had many chances to interact with the students. The teacher was working with the students on coloring inside the lines when I arrived so I sat down and assisted some of them with this. Next, they went to their area in front of the Smart board and sat down to sing their songs about the months of the year and the days of the week and then the counting songs. It was evident to me that many of these students love music and it seems to help them to focus because after the music videos had all been played several of the students continued humming the tunes to themselves.

I was able to work with some of the students on some assistive equipment: they have tricycles that are custom made to assist in each particular student’s disability. Riding these down the hall in the school not only helps these students to get some physical activity and to build strength but it also helps them to feel like they can do anything a person without disabilities can do. I was able to assist some of the students pedal their tricycles down the halls and learned how to use this assistive equipment.

I also got to watch one of the students do some reading with the use of a Dynavox. This is a great tool for non-verbal students and I am excited to work with this particular student more so as to have more experience with the Dynavox.

I was also able to witness more of the behavioral issues on this day as several of the students seemed to be agitated. One student began to scream when she became frustrated but was easily calmed by the teaching staff. Another one of the students was upset when he was asked to speak politely to the teacher but it did not take much for the teacher to persuade him to do so.

All in all, I felt I learned a lot in the Resource 3 classroom on this day.


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