Day 2 In Resource 1

My second day in the resource 1 classroom was quite a bit more involved than the first. I spent 4 hours in the classroom on this particular day and was there to observe and participate with grades 1-5 for both reading and math.

It seems like the majority of the students that came to the resource room were there for help in math. In particular, one student struggled with multiplication fact families. I assisted this student as he tried to use the same strategy for finding the missing number in a fact family over and over. Unfortunately, this student refused to try different strategies that may have been a little easier for him when I suggested them. The student had some behavioral issues and the teacher stepped in to correct him. I was somewhat uncomfortable at first since I did not know much about this student’s history which in turn made it hard for me to know how much to push the student. The teacher later told me that it is easier for her to push the student to work things out because he has come to trust her. I feel I had a good day in the resource 1 classroom on this day despite this incident and feel that eventually I will be able to build a rapport with these students and be able to work with them more extensively.


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