Creating Comics


Photo cc by Amanda Curtis

Since I seem to be technologically deficit, I have been really working on spending more time learning about various tech tools and apps that could benefit me in my future classroom.  Like most people, I do have a Facebook account and a Snapchat account. I think it will probably be helpful for me to remember that I didn’t learn how to use Facebook or Snapchat overnight…it took time. In addition to trying Piktochart and Canva for making different kinds of posters and graphics, I decided to spend some time trying out some of the comic strip/animation programs. After reading the article about this variety of apps, I chose to try an app called Comic Strip Creator that can be found in Google Play Store. The comic strip you see above is what I was able to create there. This is a very basic app. You can change characters and text box shapes but your choices are very limited. For me, this was a good starting place.

Next, I set up an account on and created a bitmoji of myself. I found this app extremely easy to use because all you have to do is change the characteristics of the emoji to match whomever you want to portray and the app makes different “stickers” for you with that emoji. It allows you to try out different hairstyles, hair colors, eye colors, skin colors and even outfits to create your character and then it places your character in a certain position and adds text. I’ve added some examples of my bitmoji below.


Amanda is frustrated with tech! Photo cc by Amanda Curtis



Amanda is worn out! Photo cc by Amanda Curtis

After playing around on these programs for several hours, I decided to step it up a bit and try Pixton despite the fact that it is known to be a bit harder to use than some of the other comic strip creator programs. On you can add as many panels as you want in order to make your comic strip. Additionally, it gives you many options for backgrounds and for characters. Like bitmoji, you can adjust the characteristics of each character and their outfits. However, Pixton is more advanced in that you can choose the body position of the characters as well as their expressions. I had trouble aligning the text bubbles with the characters and could not seem to fix this problem unfortunately. Although I had some trouble with a few areas on this program, I did enjoy creating comic strips with it. One other downfall I discovered is that you cannot download your comic strips unless you pay to upgrade, which I chose not to do. I was able to copy a link to embed here in order to share my creation.





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  1. I’m glad to hear that you are trying to improve your digital development skills! How did the resource tools Canva and PiktoChart go for you? Those comic strip tools can be a fun little way to incorporate digital technology, but I personally feel that as a teacher we will probably use resources like Canva and PiktoChart more often.

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  2. I too have a hard time with new technology, it sometimes scares me when I have to try new things just because I don’t not know what I am doing 100% but you are right it does take time. I am so glad that you shared the comic strip because I chose to Canva and now I know how both work. I really love that you did with yours! Great job and way to step out your comfort zone to try something new.

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  3. Great post! I was intimidated by the thought of trying to create a comic strip so I stuck to Canva and created a short presentation. You seemed to know what you were doing and you created some great things. One question I would have for you is how are you going to incorporate what we learned in this module in you future classroom?


    1. Thank you. I honestly did not know what I was doing when I first started using these apps. I definitely think that as educators we could use apps like this to create comics that can be used in most lesson plans. Using graphics is a great way to bring about some enthusiasm and interest in students. I think you could even teach students how to use these apps and have them create their own comic strips in order to show writing skill.


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