Technical Difficulties


Photo cc by Amanda Curtis

Man, I guess I never put a whole lot of thought into how much tech stuff I was going to be required to learn and master in order to get my degree in education! I know I’ve said it before but I am just not a tech-y person. I get excited when I hear about some new tool or app I can use to create things online or that I could use to help effectively teach my students in my own classroom someday. However, it seems like as soon as I get started with experimenting with one of these new apps or websites, I almost instantly feel a sense of dread and lose my motivation. I was hoping this week’s tech learning would be different but as always, I feel like I’ve just barely got the hang of things.

First, I went to Piktochart and created an account. I decided for the sake of trying to learn first and get more creative later, I would use the templates to create a piece to display on my blog. What you see above is what resulted. I felt that it was a fairly easy process and the templates that were offered did give a bit of variety. The illustrations were easy to maneuver, whether resizing them or moving them around. However, the text boxes are a bit trickier. I had difficulty moving text boxes, resizing text boxes, adjusting font size, style, and colors, and deleting text boxes in pre-made templates. Overall, I felt like my first experience with Piktochart was at least worth the time spent. I would like to play around with it a little more to see if I could perfect the text box issues.


Photo cc by Amanda Curtis

After playing around on Piktochart I decided to step it up a notch and try Canva on for size. Although what I read about Canva already had me convinced that this was beyond my scope in technology, I figured, what the heck! As with Piktochart, I found that the templates are great. There are tons of different layouts and hundreds of photos to choose from with which to create your background. You can add shapes, lines, drawings, and of course text boxes. But again, my chief complaint was the text boxes. I was hoping I could enter text vertically, from the top of the photo to the bottom, in other words but couldn’t figure out how to do so. Mostly what I found were pre-made text boxes like those you can see in the above graphic which I composed using Canva. I will give Canva a two thumbs up considering I am definitely more of a tech dummy and really found it to be quite user-friendly.

I will definitely have to devote more time to both of these tools and perhaps spend some time watching various tutorials or asking others to help me out but I think once I get the hang of them, I could use them in my own classroom in the future. These tools could be used to make classroom posters, perhaps for posting classroom rules or even just fun sayings, or even for making charts to show different tasks for different days. I could also see teaching students to use these tools for making projects or for creating graphics for blogs or online assignments.






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