Attention (b)Log


As part of this week’s module, we were given the option of keeping an attention log. In this log we have been asked to notate 9 things.

1. Date

2. Description of physical space and device

3. Duration of session

4. What occurred

5. What you did

6. How you felt

7. What worked

8.  What did not work

9. Other comments

The requirements were to document at least 5 sessions lasting at least 15 minutes each. My sessions took place between October 30th and November 1st. The first of these sessions lasted only 20 minutes, followed by another 20 minute session, two 25 minute sessions, and a 30 minute session. There were many commonalities among these sessions. For instance,  in each of these sessions I was at home and was using my smartphone. Additionally, when I began each of these sessions I happened to already be engaged in doing something else, such as homework, cleaning, or watching a show on television and was distracted from that task in order to do something quite unimportant. In each of these sessions I scrolled through Facebook or Twitter. On one occasion I watched YouTube videos. During my sessions, I completely lost track of time. In fact, I felt as if I was completely sucked into another world and out of touch with reality. I also had the feeling of guilt or as if I could have spent that time doing something much more productive. I do however feel as if these sessions were a sort of “break” for myself, like I was taking an abbreviated mental vacation.

In addition to doing the attention log to track my online activity, I downloaded an app called Quality Time that monitors how many times you use your phone, how long you are on your phone each day, and how much time you spend on each separate app that you have on your phone. I feel like this app may be a useful tool for me because it will make me aware of my habits and therefore make me want to improve upon those habits. The habit I would like to break most is using my phone or apps on my phone while I am spending time with family or attending my children’s sporting events. I think that I tend to try to do too much at once and my attention can become spread thin however, I am almost certain now that this is not something uncommon among teenagers and adults alike. Screenshot_20161101-193809.png







9 thoughts on “Attention (b)Log

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  1. I found it interesting reading other your attention log. Since I choose the other blog instead of writing about my own log, it was nice to see how someone else put it all together. Keeping track of the actually minute by minute time of what you speed online can be quite surprising. I know that there are many times for myself that I get carried away watching Netflix or something.


  2. Reading your attention log has made me want to do one myself because you found so much out! It was crazy to see how much you noticed in just a couple of days. I loved your blog great job I might just have to do an extra blog post this week so I can do this log. Great job.

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  3. Great post! Before this assignment I didn’t think about how I was feeling after being on Facebook or other social medias. But now I am more aware and know I would feel better if I just did something else. I liked how you tracked the different apps you used and how long.


    1. Thank you. It really was an eye-opener. Since writing this post and downloading the app my time online has decreased significantly. The one thing I ignore most in my life now is my phone, not my family.


  4. I really liked how you incorporated the pictures of the app. I also decided to do the log and I have found that I am trying to do too many things at once and I am choosing to spend my time on apps and find the after a few minutes, it does turn into a waste of my time. I think the log has made me more aware of how I am spending my time. Are you going to continue to use this app?

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