Paul on Knowledge: Colossians 2




Knowledge is good, right? We all need to learn in order to grow and as I stated in my last post, we all should thirst for knowledge. But, what if some of that knowledge were dangerous to us? How could this be so? In Colossians chapter 2, Paul addresses this conundrum. If you read Colossians, you may notice that Paul rarely, if ever uses the word knowledge. Paul purposely left out the “k” word because he wants to stress to us that although we are capable of learning, without faith in Jesus Christ our knowledge can be harmful to us.

You may be wondering why God would choose to give us a mind that is capable of learning so much if He doesn’t want us to learn. Actually, He does want us to learn but in the case of the Colossians, they were learning from sources that were inaccurate. Rather than relying on their faith in God and His word to lead their learning, they allowed the teaching of the world to infect their minds. When we become believers, we gain security. We do not have to do or say anything at all to gain entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven. We only have to rely on our faith in Christ. This doesn’t mean that we need to stop striving to be more Christ-like in our every day lives. In fact, we are to use our knowledge of God and His word to make a positive difference in the world. Paul says one way we can use our knowledge to make a difference in the world around us is to pray for our enemies. He gives us step-by-step instruction in how to do so:

1) Pray that others comprehend the wisdom that is God-given.

2) Pray that they receive spiritual wisdom from God.

3) Pray that they bring pleasure and honor to God.

4) Pray that they produce good results/success.

5) Pray that they continue learning about God.

6) Pray that they gain G0d-given fortitude.

7) Pray for them to receive stamina and tolerance.

8) Pray that they be filled with the joy of Jesus.

9) Pray that they learn to always be thankful.

If we follow these instructions from Paul, it not only helps us get away from our selfish desires and needs but it teaches us to have faith that God will deal with our adversaries. This is where knowledge without faith can be dangerous. If we lean on our own understanding in dealing with others we will naturally seek revenge against those who have done us wrong but it is not our place to do so. God tells us He will seek revenge on those who turn against Him. We need to have faith KNOWING that He will follow through with what He says.



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  1. Great post! It can be very difficult to pray for your enemies, especially the ones who have wronged you the most. If we don’t keep our faith together, then like you said, we can fall victim to revenge and selfish desires. Those 9 prays are great for ways to monitor and follow when you are talking with God!

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  2. I love your post. Those are some great points. Sometimes as humans we try to handle things on our own and try to think we know better than God does. I think that those points you learned about are good advice for me. I believe that without Christ I would be nothing. I am so blessed God gave us his word to instruct us how to live. I love spending time in the word daily trying to figure out where he wants me to go next. Thank you for that post and I am excited to put your tips into action!

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  3. This is a great post! Not only to know that He is working, but that He want us to work in others and pray for them with that much passion. That He will work in those that you pray for. This is encouraging to my faith and what I think about on a daily basis. Praying like this also reminds me of how we are supposed to be fishers of men and to lead others. Praying for our enemies is the first step to hook them for the Lord.


    1. Yes! It seems like the norm in our society to seek revenge when we’ve been hurt. I have never had a vengeful heart and always wondered why I couldn’t just lash out at those enemies like they do to me but it makes sense now…it was the Holy Spirit guiding me all along.


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