Learning From Paul’s Letter to the Colossians


What my learning life looks like currently

Ahh, the life of a student! So many people think that college kids have it easy. Well, I’m here to tell ya, that is not the case…especially for those of us who are non-traditional students trying to juggle a million roles at once. Although I will admit this has been a stressful week for me (falling slightly behind on assignments due to the holiday weekend as well as personal obligations), I have to say that I really look forward to my blogging time now. This independent learning project has almost become an outlet for me, a place of peace and quiet and reflection, a stress-reliever, if you will. I find myself dreading picking up my Bible and study guide to begin preparing for my next blog but the moment I begin, its like a gust of fresh air comes blowing across my soul. Considering that I am obviously a spiritual person and due to the fact that I chose my ILP subject to be the Bible, you might say its like a spiritual experience or that God is speaking to me ever so quietly…and I believe this to be so.

So, what have I done so far in regards to this learning project? Well, for starters, I have mentally prepared myself for the commitment this involves but also for the ability to study what I choose. Yes, that is an adjustment because most instructors choose for you. Secondly, I have allotted myself a certain amount of time with which to spend studying my topic and with which to write and post these blogs. Rather than telling myself that I HAVE to spend so much time on the project, I ALLOW myself this time. This makes it much easier for me to accept and carry through. I have also made sure that before I dive into scripture for my study, I pray. I ask God to give me wisdom, insight, and the right words with which to share what I’ve learned. It seems like something simple to pick up a Bible and just start reading but without God’s guidance, there can come grave misunderstandings about the meaning of those words. Likewise, when I have completed my study time, I pray, asking God to help me to retain the knowledge He has given me and to help me turn words into actions.

What am I thinking? Quite honestly, I am thinking that maybe I should continue with this project even after the semester is over and I have completed this #diglitclass. We are only into the 3rd week and already, I have benefited immensely and continue learning on a daily basis. I feel that this class alone has re-launched my desire to learn, to be creative, reflective, and forward-facing. On that note, I am ready to begin the next blog so tune into my study on Colossians 2!









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  1. I like that you’re “allowing” yourself to have your personal ILP time. As the semester wears on, it’s obvious when the novelty of an ILP begins to wear off. I find students stop doing any real research or being excited by some new aspect or sharing real “learning” in their projects, in the end. 🙂 Nevertheless, granting yourself a release time to get into what interests you is a helpful approach that can allow you to stay focused on the big picture.

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